Sterling Silver Earrings

Platinum Plate Sterling Silver, free loops design make you charmer and elegant, beautiful and attractive.                                                                     

Sterling Silver Studs, thanks to their hypoallergenic and nickel free construction, these sterling silver knot earrings will never cause skin irritation or itchiness. Ideal for girls, teens, women of all ages and those with sensitive ears as well!

Celtic Knot Studs,  inspired by the interlacing and continuous designs prevalent in Celtic artwork, illuminating the interconnectedness and continuity of life.

Byzantine Hoop Earrings, polished .925 sterling silver with white rhodium finish to reduce tarnish.

Summer Trends

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  • Water shoes for both men and women, perfect as a yoga wear for exercising, going to the beach for swimming, surfing or any kind of water sports. It has an anti-slip sole to prevent accidents from happening when you are stepping on wet rocks/stones. It comes in different colors and designs for both men and women. Shop here now.

  • Wateproof cases, these come in handy when you want to take pictures under water or need your phone near you at all times even when you in the water. Although it’s not recommended for phones with large phones cases or otterbox as it will not fit the case. Cellphones might also suffer hydraulic pressure under certain water depth, and it is best take photos using the volume button under such circumstances. Likewise you’ll have to disable phone locks that require your thumbprint and that like as it won’t work with the plastic covering. Shop here now.

  • Barracuda Swim Trunk, of course this is must have in the summer, especially if you’re planning to go on swimming or a beach trip. It has an elastic and draw string waist band, cargo pockets at the sides and can be washed using a washing machine.

  • Quick-dry short sleeves, this is also a must have for when you go swimming or for any event that involves water. It’s a looser fit than a rash guard, exactly like a tee shirt and washable by machine. 

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  • Vintage Bikini, this one is a must have for the ladies, you can never go wrong with a vintage swimwear, perfect for casual swimming or going to the beach. You can find a lot designs and colors if you shop here

Leather shoes

3DM Lifestyle Men’s Brogue Leather Oxford Shoes, full grain calf skin leather punctuated with a neat wingtip perforations. It also has a burnished effect on the toe which adds to its classic and fashionable look for a leather shoe. Fully leather lined with leather insoles and padded footbed for a comfortable wear.

Kenneth Cole Half Time Oxford Shoes, classic black leather shoes for all kinds of events and businesses. Heel measure is approximately 1″, lace up dress shoe with a blind-eyelet lacing and chunky heel. Faux leather and leather sole. Matches well with almost anything.

3DM Slip-on leather loafer, full grain calf skin leather with a tasseled vamp and cord stitches, fully lined leather and leather soles. Easy and comfortable to wear. Hand built Argentinean leather shoe with a heel measure of 1″.

More leather shoes here

Classic Watches

Simple casual design and elegant style. Waterproof Analog Quartz                  Dress Wrist Watch, high quality genuine leather watch band, soft, durable and comfortable buckle clasp for easy adjustment. Brand Alps.

“This is a classy comfortable watch. I love how sleek this looks and goes with just about any outfit. This watch is well designed and very classy looking. With no help I was able to put the watch on and was ready to go. The time is very simple to adjust, by pulling out the nob on the side you can change the time by twisting it. When your done just push it in and the time continues. This is an easy beautiful watch. It is very comfortable as well. I would not recommend wearing this in the water as it is not water proof. This is a great watch and i have not taken it off sense I received it.”—Mr and Mrs Thomas review on the product

PROJECT WATCHES (Denis Guidone), “Crossover Gray” Unisex Watch
“This is a very well-designed watch! The product looks exactly like the picture. The packaging was a little bit sloppy but it included a nice little guide that told me more about the designer, Denis Guidone. I find that it keeps time well. It’s also not that hard to read; my reading is off by only one or two minutes at most. I also like that the strap is made of silicone. It won’t wear out like leather does. The only downside is that I have very narrow wrists (5.5 inches) and the strap is a little too long for me. Just one more hole for tightening the watch would have been great. All in all, I love this watch and wear it every day! Strongly recommended. “
                                                     —Customer Review
Tonnier Stainless Slim. Quartz wrist watch for men, black face with high hardness glass mirror, scratch and wear resistant. Ultrathin with a round dial design and no second hand.
“Love this watch so much. It is as slim as you can hope to expect from a watch.”


chucks taylor red

Chuck Taylor All Stars, is sneaker type of shoes and is definitely one of the most well-known and worn shoes around the world. It is also one of the shoes that will never go out of style. Whether wearing jeans, skirt or slacks, you definitely won’t go wrong with a pair of Chucks.

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Chuck Taylor is also that kind of shoes that looks fashionable even as it is worn out and old. These days they are new designs of Chuck that is coming out from leopard prints to a jean skin, that you’ll definitely find something you like and wear it with any outfit.

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